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Breakdown Voltage Test of Transformer Oil in the United Arab Emirates

Breakdown Voltage Test of Transformer Oil in the United Arab Emirates

For the technical specialists in energy sector, the breakdown voltage test of transformer oil in the United Arab Emirates is a key factor in understanding the reliability of high-voltage equipment. 

Frequent analysis of mineral oils utilized in transformer insulation facilitates the early detection of issues in the equipment’s operation.

 In this article, we will delve into the significance of the breakdown voltage test and the equipment used for its measurement.

Understanding Breakdown Voltage Test of Liquid Dielectrics

Electrically, a liquid dielectric is a substance that insulates, preventing the flow of electric current while being capable of sustaining an electric field. The breakdown in liquid dielectrics happens when the applied electrical stress surpasses the dielectric strength of the liquid. This process is influenced by various factors, including the intrinsic properties of the liquid, impurities, temperature, and the geometry of the surrounding electrodes.

The breakdown voltage test is used to assess the dielectric strength of liquid insulating materials. Adhering to international standards, such as those set by ASTM or IEC, is a must for ensuring consistency and reliability in the results.

Beyond being a numerical parameter, the breakdown voltage test of transformer oil assumes a dynamic role with profound implications for transformer performance. A higher breakdown voltage not only ensures a robust insulation system but also mitigates the risk of electrical failure, thereby enhancing the overall operational reliability of transformers.

A complete grasp of the breakdown voltage requires the use of specialized testing equipment. Basically, it’s testing cells featuring electrodes immersed in transformer oil. The gradual increase of voltage across these electrodes, following standardized testing protocols like IEC 60156 and ASTM D877, facilitates the precise determination of the oil’s breakdown voltage. The insights derived from these tests empower maintenance professionals to make informed decisions, fostering predictive maintenance strategies that preemptively address potential issues. Using breakdown voltage information strategically helps make transformers work better and last longer.

Performing the Breakdown Voltage Test on Transformer Oil

Executing the breakdown voltage test of transformer oil involves a meticulous process to evaluate its dielectric strength. The test apparatus typically consists of a specialized testing cell with two electrodes that are immersed in the dielectric liquid. The voltage is slowly increased across the electrodes until electrical breakdown occurs. This physical process is observed as a visible electrical discharge in the oil.

Having standardized testing conditions, like oil temperature, electrode gap, and voltage application rate, is crucial. The gradual increase in voltage allows for the precise determination of the oil’s breakdown voltage. Interpreting test results involves analyzing the breakdown voltage levels under different conditions. Consistency and repeatability of the results are crucial. Statistical methods are often employed to understand the variations and predict the performance of the liquid dielectric under operational conditions.

The breakdown voltage test of transformer oil in the UAE serves as a proactive diagnostic tool, enabling the determination of possible weaknesses in transformer insulation. Scheduled testing is basal for predictive maintenance, ensuring the early detection of issues before they escalate.
Breakdown Voltage Test of Transformer Oil in the United Arab Emirates

GlobeCore Equipment for Breakdown Voltage Test of Transformer Oil in the United Arab Emirates

GlobeCore‘s range of transformer oil breakdown voltage testers encompasses a variety of models, each tailored to specific testing needs and standards. This section delves into the unique features and functionalities of each model: TOR-80A, TOR-80, TOR-100, and TOR-100A.

TOR-80 stands out for its uncompromising precision, capable of measuring breakdown voltage up to 80 kV. The automated measurements not only enhance accuracy but also streamline the testing process, making it an ideal choice for routine diagnostics and proactive maintenance. Its simplicity in operation caters to professionals across expertise levels.

TOR-80A: similar to TOR-80 in functionality, the TOR-80A distinguishes itself with an internal rechargeable battery, enabling field operation. It offers the flexibility to conduct tests at transformer sites, enhancing its practical utility.

TOR-100: This tester is specifically designed for high-precision testing, capable of measuring breakdown voltages up to 100 kV. It includes an integrated printer for instant result documentation and a USB connector for data transfer.

TOR-100A: While similar in core functions to the TOR-100, it presents advanced capabilities with the added advantage of an internal rechargeable battery. This feature ensures extended autonomy, making it suitable for on-site testing at the transformer’s operational location.

Each model in GlobeCore‘s transformer oil breakdown voltage tester lineup is engineered for specific testing requirements, offering a range of functionalities from basic to advanced. This variety ensures that users can select a model that best fits their operational and diagnostic needs.

Advantages of GlobeCore Instruments

GlobeCore‘s testing instruments — TOR-80A, TOR-80, TOR-100, and TOR-100A — transcend traditional functionalities. While professionals address the complexities of the UAE’s power infrastructure, these instruments become indispensable for enhancing efficiency, ensuring precision where voltage testing is integrated into operational tasks.

  • Precision and Automation: Each device is designed for automated and precise measurement of breakdown voltage, with rapid disconnection of test voltage upon breakdown detection.
  • Versatility and Mobility: Models like the TOR-80A feature internal batteries, allowing for field operations and on-site testing, which is need for real-time transformer maintenance.
  • User Interface and Data Management: The inclusion of features like integrated printers, USB connectors, and PC connectivity options facilitate easy data documentation and analysis.
  • Compliance with Standards: All models comply with international standards, ensuring that testing procedures and results are globally recognized and reliable.
  • Customization: The option to modify and expand standard lists to suit customer preferences and emerging standards makes these devices adaptable to evolving testing requirements.

GlobeCore‘s range of testing devices offers a comprehensive solution for the breakdown voltage test of transformer oil. These devices blend technical excellence with practical features, making them a valuable asset for various industrial and research applications.