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Hydrogen and Moisture Analyzer for Transformer Oil Monitoring TOR-2

The TOR-2 transformer oil express-tester is designed to determine the moisture and hydrogen content in mineral insulating oils and ether based insulating oils. Moisture and hydrogen content is measured in parts per million (ppm).

Knowing the content of hydrogen and moisture in the oil, as well as the rate of parameter change, it is possible to detect problems developing in the transformer in advance and to take timely measures to prevent damage to the transformer.

Moisture measurement

The device measures the activity of the water using a capacitance sensor, which ensures stability over time and contamination resistance. The oil temperature is also measured. The moisture content is calculated from these measurements.

Hydrogen measurement

A highly selective solid state sensor immersed directly in oil is used to measure hydrogen content. The sensor ensures accuracy and reliability of direct measurements. Low solubility of hydrogen in oil and its high diffusion capacity make it easier to detect at low concentrations, so a problem in the transformer can be identified early.



Moisture measurement
1 Range, aw (active water (aw))


2 Accuracy at 20 °C (68 °F)

±0.02 aw (0…0.9 aw) ±0.03 aw (0.9…1 aw)

3 Temperature measurement


4 Oil temperature, °С (°F)

0…55 (32… 131)

Hydrogen measurement
6 Range, ppm


7 Accuracy

20% of reading or 25 ppm

8 Repeatability

10% of reading or 15 ppm

9 Response time

<60 min (90% step change)

10 Cross-sensitivity:

Below 2% cross-sensitivity to other gases (CO, CO2, hydrocarbons)

11 Oil temperature, °С (°F)

0…55 (32… 131)

13 Power, W


14 50 Hz AC power supply voltage, V


15 Dimensions, mm (in)

– length

– width

– height


235 (9)

265 (10)

350 (14)

16 Weight, kg (lbs) max

10 (22)

  • detection of moisture and hydrogen even in small quantities;
  • continuous monitoring of hydrogen content provides reliable information on incipient damage that can lead to transformer failure;
  • small size;
  • operation simplicity (to change the sample, just change the removable beaker and press the “Start” button to start the measurement);
  • no consumables needed for measurements;
  • the presence of other gases in the oil does not affect the reliability of measurements;
  • simple calibration;
  • maintenance-free


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