GlobeCore Machines: Advanced Transformer Oil Monitoring and Maintenance Solutions in the  United Arab Emirates

GlobeCore stands out as an esteemed manufacturer and supplier of equipment for transformer oil processing, purification, and regeneration, prominently serving the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Boasting over thirty years of expertise in this domain, GlobeCore has carved a niche for itself globally, catering to sectors including power generation, oil and gas, and mining. The company is dedicated to providing reliable and innovative solutions designed to boost operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and reduce environmental impact.

In the UAE, where the demand for efficient energy solutions is ever-growing, GlobeCore’s products are renowned for their superior quality, efficiency, and durability. They are especially favored for tasks involving transformer oil maintenance and monitoring. GlobeCore Machines play a crucial role in this region by offering sophisticated tools for the analysis, processing, and maintenance of transformer oil.

Oil Moisture Meter

In the harsh climates of the UAE, moisture in transformer oil can lead to serious issues like corrosion, insulation breakdown, and reduced dielectric strength. The GlobeCore Oil Moisture Meter, a portable and precise device, is instrumental in measuring the water content in transformer oil. This tool enables swift assessment of moisture levels, aiding maintenance teams in taking prompt preventive measures.

Hydrogen and Moisture Analyzer for Transformer Oil Monitoring

The GlobeCore Hydrogen and Moisture Analyzer is an advanced tool that simultaneously gauges the water content and hydrogen gas concentration in transformer oil. As hydrogen gas is an early indicator of transformer problems such as partial discharge and overheating, this Analyzer is invaluable in preempting significant transformer damage.

Oil Tan Delta Tester

The Oil Tan Delta Tester is a portable device crucial for assessing the degree of polymerization and degradation of transformer oil, integral to maintenance routines. It measures the Tan Delta value, reflecting the oil’s dielectric dissipation factor and insulation effectiveness. This test is key in assessing insulation breakdown risks and predicting the lifespan of transformers, proving to be a valuable asset for on-site maintenance in the UAE.

System for Transformers Online Diagnostic and Oil Processing

GlobeCore’s system integrates several tools, including the Hydrogen and Moisture Analyzer and Oil Tan Delta Tester, with an online oil processing unit. This unit can remove impurities from transformer oil while the transformer is operational, facilitating ongoing maintenance and ensuring optimal performance. This system is ideal for large-scale facilities in the UAE that require high reliability and minimal downtime.

Breakdown Voltage Tester

The Breakdown Voltage Tester is crucial for measuring the dielectric strength of transformer oil, a key factor in its ability to prevent insulation failure. Complying with ASTM D877, D1816 and IEC 60156 standards, this tester provides quick and reliable results, essential for routine maintenance and periodic testing.

GlobeCore Machines offer a suite of innovative solutions for transformer oil monitoring and maintenance in the UAE. These tools are instrumental in enhancing transformer efficiency, extending equipment lifespan, and ensuring superior performance and reliability in power generation and transmission facilities.