GlobeCore / Oil Regeneration Rigs (CMM-R)

Oil Regeneration Rigs (CMM-R)

Transformer oil regeneration

The condition of paper insulation and the magnetic circuits of a transformer is what determines the length of its service life. There is no meaningful limit to the service life of the magnetic elements, but paper insulation is prone to stress and wear over time; making its condition the most important factor of transformer long term service. Normally, paper insulation ages over a long period of time, but the process can be significantly accelerated by heat, oxygen, water and the products of transformer oil oxidation. These products accumulate in the paper over time.

CMM-R Oil Regeneration Systems 

The GlobeCore regeneration process restores used oils to new like condition.  This process makes it possible to fill transformers with oil that would previously have required disposal.  The oil in the transformer can be used without replacement for the entire service life of the transformer.

The GlobeCore CMM-R systems are designed to extend transformer service life by restoring the dielectric strength and chemical composition of dielectric insulating oil.

In the process of oil regeneration, oil degradation products and acidic compounds are removed, the oil becomes clear, oxidation resistance is improved, Earth is free from oil and contaminants.

Technical specifications



 Maximum flow rate l/h


 Nominal flow rate, max l/h


Max. power consumption, kW


Sorbent total amount, kg


Power supply parameters

3ph 480V 60Hz

Theoretical amount of sorbent reactivations


Dimensions, not more  mm
– Length


– Width


– Height


while gas solubility is reduced.

Table below shows typical oil parameters before and after treatment.


Test Methods

Before regeneration

After regeneration



Cloudy brown

Clear and transparent

Acid number, mg КОН/g

IEC 296; ASTM D-664



Corroding sulfur

ISO 5662; ASTM D-1275



Mass moisture content, ppm

IEC 733; ASTM D-1533



Breakdown voltage, kV

IEC 156; ASTM D-1816



Dielectric loss tangent for 90ºС

IEC 247; ASTM D-924



Bulk gas content, %

IEC 60599; ASTM D-3612



Surface stretching, Н/m, for 25ºС

ISO 6295; ASTM D-2285



Mechanical contaminants size, micron



Oxidizing steadiness:Acid number, mg КОН/g

IEC 1125А; IEC 1125B; IP-307



GlobeCore’s Oil Regeneration Plants are design to carry out regeneration on energized and de-energized transformers as well as on tank to tank basis. This system is ideal for waste oil disposal.

Regeneration of Oil in transformer

Transformer oil recovery MASHINE

Oil shall be taken and tested at the beginning of oil regeneration inside a transformer. The results will show duration (number of passes) required to regenerate the oil. Dissolved gas results will indicate whether transformer may be treated in energized or de-energized state. Usually Regeneration Plant is used on 50 % to 80% of its production capacity while treating energized transformers to ensure laminar movement inside of transformer oil tank. With average oil characteristics it takes 8 to 10 passes to regenerate oil to “like new” conditions. While treating de-energized transformers the Plant can be used on 100% of its production capacity.



Desludging of transformers requires oil temperature to be above aniline point usually around 80 C. Constant circulation of oil shall be maintained during desludging and oil must be new or regenerated. This process will be more efficient on energized transformer as winding vibration and generated heat will also help to remove sludge. With average oil parameters it takes 10-20 passes to desludge energized transformer and up to 50 passes on de-energized transformer.

Tank to tank Regeneration

Transformer oil recovery

After a time period when oil is left in a storage tank to settle out suspended solids and free water regeneration is carried out on 20-25% of the Plant’s production capacity to regenerate the oil to “like new” conditions in 1 pass.

 Available Models

Model Degassing Unit Regeneration Unit
Model Capacitylitres/hour Model Fuller’s earth amount, kg
СММ-2R/600 CMM-0,6 600 СММ-2R 300
СММ-6R/1000 CMM-1 1000 СММ-6R 800
СММ-6R/3000 CMM-3 3000 СММ-6R 800
СММ-12R/4000 CMM-4 4000 СММ-12R 1600
СММ-12R/6000 CMM-6 6000 СММ-12R 1600
СММ24R/10000 CMM-10 10000 СММ-24R 3600

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