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Commissioning of the СММ-2,2 plant in Saudi Arabia

The commissioning was scheduled on 5-8 of August in Jizan (Saudi Arabia) where GlobeCore employees started up the CMM-2-2 plant.

The unit is set in a container, mounted on a single axle trailer and can operate in the following modes:

  • Heating and filtration of oil;
  • Thermal vacuum drying of oil;
  • Vacuum treatment of other equipment.

CMM-2,2 performs thermal vacuum drying, filtration and purification of transformer oil from mechanical impurities and water. Also, the plant can be used to evacuate power transformers and heat oil-filled electrical devices with hot oil,

The unit’s capacity in thermal vacuum drying and filtration mode is at least 2.2 m3 / h, and in degassing – 1.5 m3 / h.

After a repeated passage through CMM-2,2, the treated oil is characterized by the following parameters:

  • Total gas content is below 0.5% (at the initial value less than 10.5%);
  • Mass moisture content is below 10 g / t (at the initial value less than 50 g / t).

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