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GlobeCore equipment launch in Turkey

From October 17 to October 23, 2021, GlobeCore engineers were visiting Dargeçit (Turkey) where they held another equipment launch. As a result, СMM-8.0 unit became completely operable in Turkey. The main purpose of this unit is purification, drying, and degassing of electrical insulating and lubricating oils. In degassing, drying, and filtration mode, the equipment operatesRead More

GlobeCore Equipment Launch in Greece

GlobeCore equipment was launched in Athens (Greece) from 3rd to 9th October 2020. There were introduced two facilities: CMM-10 unit for filtration, drying and degassing of electrical insulating oil, and also for transformer vacuuming. СММ-12R plant for used electrical insulating oils regeneration by way of their reuse in transformers, high voltage circuit breaker and otherRead More

Launch of GlobeCore equipment in Ecuador

In April 2021, GlobeCore service representative Jose Mora visited Ecuador where he held another launch of equipment. GlobeCore provides comprehensive power transformer maintenance solutions. Therefore, this time, our partner purchased several items of equipment at once: TOR-80 instrument; СММ-4/7 unit; TSS (Transformer Security System). TOR-80 is a compact and convenient instrument for measuring the breakdownRead More

GlobeCore at Sharjah Energy Meet 2019

The fifth Sharjah Energy Meet was held in the United Arab Emirates on 29 january 2019. This event traditionally gathered over 100 participants, including the leadership of the most prominent power companies and industry experts. The participants of the meeting shared their vision of the future wind power development and discussed possible implementation of variousRead More

Launching of the GlobeCore equipment in Jordan

The GlobeCore engineering experts were out in Amman (Jordan) from February 1st to 5th. The CMM-1 unit was placed  into operation here. This equipment is used by the  companies that service transformers. The main purpose of the CMM-1 unit is the complex purification of transformer oils from mechanical impurities, water and gases with a capacityRead More

GlobeCore Transformer Oil Regeneration Equipment Presentation Held in Qatar

21 November, Doha, Qatar: GlobeCore presents mineral oil purification and regeneration units.   The event was attended by representatives of KAHRAMAA (Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation), the main power and water supplier in the country. Also were present the representatives of Al Dana Switchgear company (A Subsidiary of AALCO Group) which were the co-organizers ofRead More

Commissioning of the СММ-2,2 plant in Saudi Arabia

The commissioning was scheduled on 5-8 of August in Jizan (Saudi Arabia) where GlobeCore employees started up the CMM-2-2 plant. The unit is set in a container, mounted on a single axle trailer and can operate in the following modes: Heating and filtration of oil; Thermal vacuum drying of oil; Vacuum treatment of other equipment.Read More

GlobeCore presentation – Gulf Industry Fair in Bahrain

February 7-9, 2017 Bahrain International Exhibition Centre hosted a Gulf Industry Fair 2017. The fair was held in Manama (the capital of Kingdom of Bahrain) and brought together the leading manufacturers of equipment for energy industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, etc. The exhibition was first held in 2008. Since then it was visited by more thanRead More

GlobeCore equipment presentation in Oman

October 3, 2016 in Muscat, RAY International Group held a seminar to discuss the pressing issues of Oman’s oil and gas industry. It was attended by the representatives of Germany and Norway, the leaders of Oman oil and gas industry, as well as companies engaged in the transmission and distribution of electricity. The seminar wasRead More

Ecuador. Start up of Oil Regeneration Equipment in the highlands. CMM-12R

August 25, Ecuador (in Quito) GlobeCore engineers started up a CMM-12R plant. The test run of the unit showed great results – dielectric loss tangent measurements of 0,7% at 90°C were achieved  (initial value 11%); also, breakdown voltage was increased to 80 kV. Note that the CMM-12R plant has the following advantages: twenty-four-hour regeneration ofRead More

Mojave Heat Hot Air Drying Unit Commissioned in Oman

On 17 Decembe 2015, GlobeCore engineers successfully commissioned an automated Mojave Heat Hot Air Drying unit in Oman. The Mojave Heat is designed to dehydrate atmospheric air and reduce its dew point to between -50ºC and -70ºС and to remove particulate matter from that air. The Mojave Heat can be used during installation and repairsRead More

GlobeCore continues oil recycling equipment sales to Saudi Arabia

A CMM-10 used oil degassing plat combined with the BV-200 vacuum unit have been in commissioning in Saudi Arabia from 14 to 17 December 2015. Various CMM units have already been commissioned in Saudi Arabia before. The demand on these units is due to their versatility: by purchasing just one unit, the client receives severalRead More

CMM-10-10-M transformer oil processing plant: now in Saudi Arabia

In April, GlobeCore fulfilled the order of one of the Saudi electric energy companies for supply and commissioning of a CMM-10-10M transformer oil purification system. The plant removes gas, water and solid particles from electric insulation oils and heats the oil. The CMM-10-10-M may be used during installation, repair and operation of oil filled highRead More