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GlobeCore continues oil recycling equipment sales to Saudi Arabia

A CMM-10 used oil degassing plat combined with the BV-200 vacuum unit have been in commissioning in Saudi Arabia from 14 to 17 December 2015.

Various CMM units have already been commissioned in Saudi Arabia before. The demand on these units is due to their versatility: by purchasing just one unit, the client receives several solutions. In case of the CMM-10 these are transformer vacuum pulling, as well as removal of particulate matter, water and gas from transformer oil, oil paper insulation drying, used oil removal. The unit can be used to heat the transformer (discover new heating system globe core), degas the dielectric oil and vacuumize the transformer. In oil filtration mode the maximum capacity of the unit is 15 m3/hour, while in oil degassing,  oil drying and oil filtration mode the processing rate is 10 m3/hour. Application of GlobeCore technology ensures the following processing parameters:

  • volumetric gas content below 0,1%;
  • weight moisture content below 5 g/t;
  • ISO 4406 purity class 9.

The CMM-10 unit is ideal for companies and facilities involved in installation, repair and maintenance of oil filled high voltage equipment (power transformers, high voltage switches etc).

The BV-100 vacuum unit is used for evacuation of air, non-aggressive gases, vapor and vapor-gas mixtures from air-tight vacuum systems. This product creates vacuum in transformer reservoirs and dries the electrical equipment. A huge advantage of the BV-2000 is its capability to be operated in combination with transformer oil degassing units.

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