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Launch of GlobeCore equipment in Ecuador

In April 2021, GlobeCore service representative Jose Mora visited Ecuador where he held another launch of equipment.

GlobeCore provides comprehensive power transformer maintenance solutions. Therefore, this time, our partner purchased several items of equipment at once:

  • TOR-80 instrument;
  • СММ-4/7 unit;
  • TSS (Transformer Security System).

TOR-80 is a compact and convenient instrument for measuring the breakdown voltage of transformer oil the settings of which allow selecting any of the existing standards for breakdown testing of liquid dielectrics. Using this instrument, it is possible to measure the breakdown voltage of both oil in use and purified oil by printing out the results from the integrated printer.

CMM-4/7 is a powerful machine that is used to reduce the breakdown voltage of transformer oils and ensures deep degassing and drying thereof with the capacity of up to 4 cubic meters per hour. As a standard complete set, CMM-4/7 unit purifies the oils in the tank of disconnected transformer or from tank to tank. But if the transformer cannot be disconnected, then the oil can be processed without cutting off the voltage. For this purpose, the unit is connected to the transformer via TSS. This system ensures the necessary level of safety by monitoring the oil level in the tank and shutting off the unit when the level is beyond the set interval. In particular, GlobeCore solution for processing the oil in the tank of an operating transformer is successfully implemented by our partners from Ecuador.

Finally, we come up with a short photo report based on the results of the launch held.


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